ESPD Business Meeting
June 28, 2010
Kearney – Country Inn & Suites

Members present: Marg Dredla, ESU 13 - Chair, Jane Moody, ESU 11 - Recorder, Larianne Polk – ESU 7, Theresa Ferg – ESU 2, Darus Mettler – ESU 8, Ruth Miller – ESU 8, Brenda McNiff – ESU 5, Ellen Stokebrand – ESU 4, Kris Elmshaeuser – ESU 16, Nancy Meyer – ESU 6, Stuart Clark – ESU 1, Melisa Dobish – ESU 10, Jenise Straight – ESU 9. Absent: Greg Gaden – ESU 3, John Hansen – ESU 15, Dennis Radford – ESU 17, Kris Reckaway – ESU 18, Julia Allen – ESU 19


1. Marjorie Bisbee and Wade Fruling – Monday, June 28, 2010 – 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
Project PARA - Web-Based Training for Paraeducator and Supervisors of Paraeducators - Marjorie Bisbee and Wade Fruling presented an overview of the para and teacher training. Wade Fruling and Dawn Litt are available to do trainings in the ESUs or school districts.
De Anne Spade and Katie Pawlosky – Tuesday, June 29, 2010 – 10:00 – 12:00 p.m.
MASTER Teacher – The ParaEducator Learning Network – presentation on the program for paraeducators. They also shared other Master Teacher products such as, PDXpert Modules, You Can Handle Them All – book to name a few.

2. ESU Statewide Projects – ILCD, Project Para & SRS, COOP, ESPD billing etc. Starting Sep. 1st , ESU #17 will be the fiscal agent for all projects. For example Wade and Dawn with SRS will be ESU 17 employees. Their email addresses will stay the same for now – if any changes take place everyone will be notified.
3. ESU Audits – ESU 9 was audited in March of 2010. One ESU will be audited each year. ESU 16 will be audited next possibly in July. Jenise Straight, Sped Director at ESU #9, shared some info regarding this audit. She said you can read it on the state auditor, Mike Foley, website. Some important areas to pay attention to are: mileage, cell phones, grants, time cards, food bills for training, approved bills, payroll, bookkeeping. Documentation is critical.
4. ILCD Phone Conf – NDE scheduled a phone conference for ILCD facilitators for Tuesday, June 29th at 10:00 a.m. The ESPD group (Jane) emailed Jeanne Heaston and told her that we had a conflict with this meeting because we were under the impression that there was not going to be an ILCD phone conference in June and an ESPD business meeting was scheduled for that same date. She responded and said that the meeting will be cancelled and she asked ILCD facilitators to respond within two weeks regarding Indicator 8 CAP plan. The ESPD group discussed this item and Larianne sent a response to Jeanne.
Other ILCD discussion items Collaborative grant and when is it due? The next face-to-face ILCD meeting is scheduled for Sep. 2nd in Lincoln – the next ILCD phone conf is scheduled for Oct. 28th.
District Determinations – idea – is there a way that districts could know when they enter their data what the impact would be with their determinations. How and when is the information entered? A request will be made to Jeanne Heaston that the following issue be added to the agenda for the Sep. 2nd ILCD: which data is coming from which reports, where is the data being pulled from so we can better assist school districts and timing of reports.
Other grant concerns – some sped directors were told from their NDE consultant that ILCD facilitators would need to do a time and effort log starting with the 2010-11 school year. People will send time and effort logs to Marg and she will send them to all ESPD members.
SCIP Grants –the grant is not out yet. How are ESUs spending Part C $$. Ideas – support the Early Childhood Professional Development Partnership – providing supplies and meals for the meetings they hold. Send staff to out of state conferences, purchase technology for SLP, file maker pro, professional development, Creative Curriculum, transition meetings. SCIP Part B – stipends and subs, transition task force, autism teams, PBS for 3-5, Law Conference, Autism Conference (school age parents), ECERS training, Project Para and stipends for paraeducators, RtI Book Study – Leading and Managing RtI – bought the books and had a stipend if they participated - this was for administrators and school psychs.

5. IDEA – if school districts spend all of their ARRA $$$ this year and not carry it over to the 20010-11 school year it will have a significance increase of IDEA – 50% of this increase can off set ??
6. Alternate Assessment – There is a committee currently working on cut scores. Input from teachers is that they were pretty happy with the reading assessment.
7. RtI – Stuart and Ellen were involved in reviewing the RtI survey. Over 300 people returned the surveys. A good cross section of people across the state completed the survey. Districts want NDE to do something – they want a leader. NDE has responded with the framework – the essential elements. The consortium is NDE and UNL – according to Gary. The perception is that the consortium is UNL. Tonya Ilo will continue to work with RtI but she will not be doing any trainings. ESUs need to continue to be the support to the districts.
8. NDE updates – NDE wants time at the fall NASES to talk about teacher certification. Another concern is what comes out of Washington – restraint and seclusion, ESEA then IDEA, and non-public proportunate share.
9. Transportation – Marg had a concern about bus driver training. Nancy reported that she had a staff member who contacted NDE, UNK Driving Center, and DMV. Nancy Meyer will forward an email with the new information. (Rule 91)
10. Nurses – information regarding ESU employees and the medication act – Rule 59. Some nurses attended a meeting where attorney Greg Perry said that ESU nurses are not considered school employees. Marg will send out any new information she receives regarding this issue.
11. State Wards—question raised as to who makes the determination about whether they will return to the original district and what to do with 0-3 year olds. We still have lots of questions. The release of records can only be given out if there is a court order or parent written permission – even if a police officer requests.
12. ESPD Library - Discussion was held on developing a library for ESPD materials for check out. Larianne and Brenda will check to see if the media center at their ESUs could house the library.
13. Spending – discussion was held on how to spend remaining ESPD funds for the remaining 2009-10 budget. Material agreed to purchase – The Journey to Effective Leadership and You Can Handle Them by Robert L. DeBruyn for all ESPD members. We are looking into purchasing PDXpert Modules by Master Teacher to add to the ESPD library.
Next Meeting – July 28th at Admi