“Fitting the pieces together
through collaboration”

MISSION STATEMENT: To assist ESU’s in providing leadership and support for schools to improve teaching and learning for all students.

GOAL: “Moving from Systems thinking to Systemic Action.” To build understanding of the connections/linkages between federal, state, and regional initiatives/programs at the local level in order to develop programs that improve learning for students with disabilities.

Membership surveys identified training needs in the following areas:
1. Identification of connections/linkages between
ILCD/SIP/Advanced ED Standards.

2. Increase knowledge of RtI processes and the role of Special
Education Directors in the implementation of the process at
the district level.

3. Identification of procedures/trainings that will assist districts
with RtI implementation plans.

4. Identification of research-based practices and implications for
IEP development

ESPD Business Meeting
Topic: “Staying in the Loop”
Sept. 14, 2010
6:30 PM
TJ’s - Norfolk

1. Mission—Establishing a “PLC”
The most promising strategy for sustained, substantive (school) improvement is building the capacity of (school) personnel to function as a professional learning community. Milbrae McLaughlin

Collaboration: “A systematic process in which we work together interdependently to analyze and impact professional practice in order to improve our individual collective results.”

Identify the tools and resources needed to support each other.

· Introductions

· PLNs

· ESPD Wiki www.spedespd.wikispaces.com

· Materials ordered/received

· ILCD – Monitoring


· Grant 2010-11

o Trainings/workshops/webinars
o Materials

· Future Meetings – set dates

* Other items