ESPD Meeting
ESU #10 - Conference Room A
June 4, 2014
10:00 - 4:00


Sped Director's Call with NDE - April 30, 2014
Notes: NDE Director's Call
• Conference call NAESP and NASES on EC
- Things are happening with the EC concerns
• Questions to Brenda by June 6th for the FFR webinar
• 5% to 10% reimbursement increase will be about a 2% gain
• Part C - rbi was not used completely so they are not considered quality documents
• Innovative grant Transition at ESU #7 - NDE representative thinking the proposal is not innovative enough

Questions for Karen -

Questions from Stuart:
  1. can we share mileage policies? some ESUs start paying from the employee’s home, some say you need to cross into ESU boundaries, some only pay once you reach your first “assignment” and then arbitrarily assign a border district to an employee even if they don’t really work there, etc. I’d like to get a better picture of what we all do as we are considering looking at this
  2. how do we all define work day? our handbook states our FTE'd staff are expected to be in the district the same hours district staff are expected to be there - our staff who bill hourly are expected to work at least 7.5 hours (8 hours minus 30 min for lunch) - the issue I have now is some staff due to assignments and accompanying drive time are working really long days and I’m wondering if we should reconsider our expectations - also looking ahead to implementing PSP and open to great ideas from the group about how to make that work

• work day - be in the school when the teachers are in the school, homebase - on the road at 7:45, staff need to get in their car by 7:45 at their district,
• mileage - Speech/PT/OT -10 miles Psych - exact miles traveled, home base is the start of mileage, assigned to ESU #7 school in boundary - primary place of business (temporary employee - can be placed anywhere at anytime)
• inclement weather -
- town you live in or town you are traveling to is close you are home
- report to office if the school they are going to is closed

Special Education Finance:
Special Education billing and documentation
Final Financials and training FFR training - Contact Brenda by June 6thStuart and John will receive the draft of the presentation

Flex time system (provider goes to the home because of parent request because of the parent- supervisor can accumulate hours) -
Trust Flex - if they stay late they will come in late or flex the hour


District Performance Report

Statewide Initiatives: Wagon Wheel Activity-

BlendED-- one pager BlendED
Use of Data (SLDS) - one pager SLDS
Teacher/Principal Evaluation - one pagerTeacher/Principal Evaluation

II. IEP FACILITATION FOLLOWUPJune 10,11,12 IEP Facilitation at ESU #3
Sharing session -


Karen Haase - Q&A
ESPD expectation from ESUCC
Myers Briggs Test -

What trainings have been held in your area?
- Discussion on a statewide calendar of trainings - google calendar

Important Dates:June 10,11,12 IEP Facilitation at ESU #3July 22 FFR webinar 10:00 - 12:00
Aug 28 Monitoring meeting - Cornhusker