January 21, ESU #10 - Conference Room C, ESPD 10-4


- Funding has a major impact on what we can do for districts
- BlendED -
Resources available a one site login (single sign in)LOR - trainingsMaterial authenticity
Copyright issues
- Use of Data (SLDS) -
School district data availabilityRDA (result driven accountability) needs
ILCD process - data team leader meeting

- Teacher/Principal EvaluationDanielson/Marzano

What is our 2- year plan for statewide initiatives?
RDA - (BlendED,SLDS,Teacher/Principal evaluation)
SeCIP uncertainty/trainingCollaboration with districtProgramming needs/Mental Health/BehaviorCollaboration with districts
Professional Development follow-through

Sped Director's Call with NDE - December 4, 2013

Special Education Finance

Legislative Bill

Special Education Billing and documentationGoogle form Google Calendar
iCal form

TransportationFinal FinancialsMaintenance of EffortSRS - Lincoln Public is going with their own vendorAlternate AssessmentAlternate Assessment Participation Criteria Handout

Sharing of IEP facilitation experiences
Discussion on 1-day refresher training for participants from summer of 2013

Discussion on full IEP faciltiation training for summer of 2014


Webinar training
TraumaAutismReading with TLC - early literacy

What trainings have been held in your area?

Discussion on a statewide calendar of trainings

IV. Harding and Shultz conversation at ESPD meetings

Harding and Shultz - 1:00 - 2:00 (Skype conference)

How to address letters from HHS/Educational liaison? - T.KingsleyMake sure not to give a quick response - take time to think the situation throughMake sure that districts slow down and talk with the ESU about the contactAttorneys are recommending not to jump on the situationWhat authority does the liaison have?
No consensus at a manifestation determination meeting?Recess and use a cooling off periodIt is a team decision - the district will be responsible for issues that come up from the decisionDiscuss the services and placement decisions
Attendance? continually misses school -contact county attorneysend to county attorney after 20 daysdon't have to offer homebounddocument that the student is not in schoolparent might want to refuse services
Are there any themes around special education?
Threatening - cadillac planOCR - extracurricularseclusion and restraintgeneral training for classified staff - hallway monitoring, bus drivers, etc.
What is the process to change resident district in 43-1311 and 43-1312?court makes the decision - the courts can make decision, but they don'tHHS is in control and they are not making the decision (they are required to make the decision, but they are not doing it)Child remains the districts responsibility of the district where the child became a ward, unless the case worker makes the change in who is responsible. HHS or court just needs to make a statement.

Residential setting -seizures - student came to placement and didn't have medication, grandpa said that you would be ok without the meds for a couple of days (child abuse {failure to thrive} - report to HHS)- we will contact HHS if you don't get the meds to us- not coming to school without medication- plans to carefully observe, contact 911 if necessary
Lifeskills program
Nonpaid worksite - review with insurance company (coverage between parent and business)
It would not be the responsibility of the school district

504 is used in preschoolYes, child find if there is a reason to suspect disability
Diplomas - casesFull diploma - no more services
Honor Roll / Nat'l Honor Societycore course or weighted gradeshome bound - valedictorian (complete the same core courses they are eligible for honor roll)
Parent refuses to enroll student - what obligation does the district have?Contact the county attorney immediatelyParent might want to refuse services
Regular ed student with behavior issuescreate a new section of the grade for just this one student- not evaluated at this time- we have knowledge and an evaluation needs to take place
Parent revokes consent to evaluatedWe are done, we don't have the meeting. Document that the district will not move forward, but if you change you mind at any time contact us and we can proceed.

Other discussion:


PD - not a single day eventNeed to develop follow upDay 1 trainingDay 2 Use/applicationDay 3 work with the data504 Training -Flipped training - ESU #7

Behavioral needs/mental health issues -BD program vs consultationHead teacher - the teacher needs to teach
BD program needs to have a coordinator on site to oversee the program (school psych assisting with counseling)


MOSAIC - Axtell 308-743-2401-/Beatrice - Day and Residential 402-223-4066 Hastings 402-463-0518 (York age 21)
BEST - Lincoln - Behavior 402-420-2888
Cen7ter - Columbus - Life Skills - Pre-employment - Amy Mazankowski 402-564-0815
Apha School - Omaha - Behavior 402-444-6557
Autism Cneter of NE - Omaha - 402-315-1000
Boys Town Day Program - Duncan- BD/nonDB 402-897-2014 Grand Island - 308-331-4444
Brooke Valley - ESU #3 - Autism 402-597-49
Envisions -Norfolk - DD/Behavior 402-371-1147
ELC, CLC, WLC - Norfolk, Neligh, O'Neill - Lower functioning, S&P 402-887-5041 ext. 1226
Tower - Wayne - BD/S&P
Integrated Life Choices - Norfolk - residential 402-742-0311
NCECBVI - NE City - BVI 402-873-5513
Region V - adult Day - DD
Life Skills - ESU #4 and #8
Life Link - ESU #13 Life skills - 308-635-3696
Meridian - ESU #13 S&P 308-635-3696
SELF - ESU #6 - Life skills 402-761-3341
Life Skills - Hastings 402-463-5611
Project Search Hastings/ESU #9 402-463-6611
18+ Program Hastings 402-463-6611
Behaven - Omaha - BD 402-932-7788/402-453-5700 Lincoln site
Epworth - York
Preschool - Integrated - Blue Hill - Adams Central 402-462-5611
CHANCE - BD/MH Fairbury
LIFE - Fairbury - ESU #5 402-223-5277
ABILITY BUILDING - Yankton - vocation 605-665-2518
Boys and Girls Home - Sioux City BD/conduct
New View School - ESU #11 Life Skills Oxford 308-995-6585
Iowa School for Deaf ISD 712-366-0571
Boys Town - Omaha 402-498-3237
Father Flanagan's Boys Home 402-498-3129
Versatile 402-562-6492 Sara Sock
Blue Shoe at North Star 402-564-1465 Kelly Anderson