May 6, 2014

May 6, ESU #10 - Conference Room E, ESPD 10-4
Meal covered by ESUCC

Sped Director's Call with NDE - April 30, 2014
Notes: SPED Directors Call notes

Meeting plans for next year - Needs assessment - (brackets)
Special Education FinanceSpecial Education billing and documentationContract, but not not the bills
Final Financials and training - waiting for Gary's response
MIPS training at Admin days (what do we need) Cole

SeCIP and ILCD- will money be put in ILCD for RDARDA group - data presentation, break into groups of 4 to set a goal (reading RtI),
Maintenance of Effort
Homeless student - District where student becomes homeless is responsible for service just like a ward.

District Performance Report
7-12 Dropout
9-12 Graduation

Special Education Programs in Nebraska and surrounding area

Student in correctional setting - jdc in Madison program starts day one if there is access to the student. You can use your curriculum or their curriculum.

Statewide Initiatives: Wagon Wheel Activity-
- BlendED--- Use of Data (SLDS)- Teacher/Principal Evaluation - sharing
Danielson - Ellen -reflection piece - video tape
Psych Evaluation - MDT, social skills group, trainings
Psych met as a team on how to improve MDT delivery - video tape and bring back to the team and have participant fill out an evaluation of the meeting
Cognitive Therapy - Browning Wright online
Social Thinking

Swivel Camera

2014 Legislative Report**Download

Legislative News

II. IEP FACILITATION FOLLOWUPJune 10,11,12 IEP Facilitation at ESU #3
IEP Faciliation Flier

Sharing session -
Stuart with 20 faciliated IEPGround rules are very effective
Ellen 12 to 15 with components
Time keepers
Resource teachers teacher trainingAgendas have helped to maintain structure and flow to meetings
Everyone has used pieces of the process in the IEP meeting
District staff are using ground rules and agendas

ESPD expectation from ESUCC
BehaviorAssist Administrators with behavior referrals Review 360 and SWIS
Larianne as a contact
- Discussion on a statewide calendar of trainings - google calendar

Myers Briggs Test -

ZOOM - video conferencing with John Stritt and Molly Aschoff 10:30
ZOOM handout

Presenter has the application, the receiver only needs a linkCan have free if under 25 limited to 40 minutes. For a license fee, can have more for longer. There is statewide beta testClear picture nice to email a link not to have to have a sign inNo issues with firewallsIn the cloudOnly need an account to host or schedule a meeting
- Discussion on a statewide calendar of trainings - google calendar

Important Dates:
May 7 and 8 ESUPDO at ESU #10
June 4 ESPD
June 10,11,12 IEP Facilitation at ESU #3