September 10, 2013

Please join us for a round table discussion about current special education issues.
The floor will be open to topics such as:

Matt B. - ESPD Finances -
All ESPD grant funds have been pulled back
Lay out what you what to get done as an ESPD group - Matt will look for funds to assist the project
Matt wants to reorganize a way to get funds for ESPD (the good work is vital)
Function is more important than the grant

IEP facilitation training return possibility - Matt agrees that it is a need and possibility
ESPD plans for 2013-2014
1. Follow up IEP facilitation 1day
2. IEP facilitation for new 3 day
When ESPD meets we will work in 3 areas:
Administrative management
IEP facilitation followup

Relationship with NDE - positive leadership is essential

Special Education Finance -
No excess cost allowed on final financials.
Everything is under new and expanded or non-reimbursable

Liaison Group (Larianne, Ellen, Donna, Stuart)
NDE wants the liaison group to share information with all ESPD members
- discussion, do we do minutes?
Notes went to Gary - he made changes (now we are looking for clarification of the note changes)
Positives - sharing information, we are looking for better communication
- Use the ESPD list serve to share information (

Special Education Billing and documentation -
Names of students on bill - not comfortable (use NSSRS numbers instead of names)
Services - that are not directly connected to students
Program supervision, transition consult, behavior consult, any consultation
Rule 51: 13.02d (contract not bill)
- Student, date serve and amount of time served

On September 11, 2013, Darus and Larianne called Pete Biaggio and asked the questions above and asked for additional clarification. This is a summary of the information shared:
Q: It is the feeling of the ESUs that they will need to entirely change their billing systems in order to meet all the requirements discussed on August 29, 2014. That would be costly and time consuming.
A. Pete re-assured us that was not necessary.
Q: If ESUs were to provide attached documentation (not the bill itself, but attachments) with the necessary information, will that meet requirements?
A. Yes
Q: If that documentation was a schedule with dates, times, and student names, will that meet requirements?
A. Yes
Q: Is the student's name required or can there be other student identifiers such as student initials?
A. Initials are fine. Need to have some sort of student identifier. Names are not necessary.
Q: The Nebraska Rule 51 states the information must be in the CONTRACT not the bill. Why must this information accompany the bill?
A. Contract for the purposes of this rule is interpreted by NDE as the billing.
Q: What do we do about those indirect hours... such as paperwork time, planning time, driving time, consult time, etc.?
A. On the schedule, account for that time. Describe it. The school needs to see what they are being provided.
Q: We bill by FTE as do many other ESUs. Is that allowable since we are concentrating on hourly costs?
A. You can have FTE in your bill, but must also have hours. Hourly rates are what get approved by NDE. (note: exception is Level III programs)

Pete emphasized the sample bill they showed on August 29 was simply that, a sample. He called later and said he will try to put more explanation on that sample bill regarding why type of services to include. (ie: direct service, indirect service, drive time, paperwork, planning, etc.)

Bottom line is the schools need to be able to see exactly what they are paying for. This 'accountability' must accompany the bill but does not have to be part of the bill.

Gary, Shane, and Greg discussion
• Rule 51 states contract not bill (Ellen feels it is a federal issue - IDEA)
• Bills are based on what we anticipate the need will be - adjusted clean up bill
- need to be ambassadors of change, let's make sure that it is clear exactly what we need to do
Timetable (check with Larianne) - $14 per machine (therapists fill out a schedule in ical and reports can be run)
Please send billing question to Larianne

Transportation -

• Talk to Shane Ryan about transportation - he will send you a spreadsheet with all the information

Final Financials -
• Up and running - Kris has completed one, but is not hitting submit for a period of time.

• Student FTE coming up

• Pristin Screens - Ellen will add the representative for the screen cleaner

Maintenance of Effort -
• September 20, 2012 was when it was sent out last year, so be watching for it

• Wade - 1 hour training is available
Changes -
• District instead of county when searching
• Time off of accommodations and modifications

Training -
Timetable for ical
Pristin Screens

And more...

504 Training by Karen Haase - T. Ferg (save the date)

September 25th - ESU #4 Karen Haase - Bullying am/504 pm

Oct. 3 Power of Play (Kris)- Early Childhood Kari Ebert

Oct. 4 Apraxia

Grading -
Pass/Fail - 4.0 for a special education student who is in the top 10% (issues with scholarships)
Is Pass/Fail an IEP decision? Larianne will read a document that she has received and add information to Wiki. Jane M. has some OCR information on grade also - we'll get it added to the Wiki.
Check policies and procedures for grading - districts can contact attorney

Training: Check with Karen Haase on setting up a training for grading

ILCD Call - September 10
Lindy did a nice job facilitating the meeting - sounds like collaboration is important to Lindy
Collaborative Grant is due October 25

Labor Relations - Sept. 5 and 6
Negotiations timelines - Sept. 1 Request recognition
Oct. 1 Board responds
Nov. 1 Negotiations begin
Feb. 1 Negotiations completed

Don't include in contract:
control transfer
class size
case load size
number of days

• Procedure on snow days - if they don't meet requirement
• Not required to give any number of minutes of playing time
• Vacation days - bucket 15 days (you can only get 15 vacation days)
• Bereavement days - administrator should not have to make the decision

IEP Facilitation
Larianne's experiences
- 4 meetings, all went well
- parent felt valued
- parent request: parent wanted to continue with the behavior section on the same day
- placement meeting - both/and strategy
- school psych ran an IEE meeting using the process