February 17, 2011

ESPD Business Meeting
Review January 11, 2011 Minutes

Grant Update:
Not yet approved. Jane is working with Matt B. and Rose D. on revisions and documentation necessary for approval.

Behavior Doctor
70 participants in 2 locations

Randy Sprick, PBS Webinar

What direction to go with the grant dollars?
  • $1500 total remaining
  • Facilitated IEP Training possibilities?
  • Charlotte Danielson training withvSue Presler; possible for summer 2011

Digital library and materials.
Discuss options for library at ESU7 with Media department
  • $10,000 total budget
  • $3500 Materials
  • $6500 Digital Rights to Materials
Topics to consider:
Behavior management
Anger management
IEP Facilitation

Organize library similar to that of the ASD library
ESPD Recorder is responsible for updating library.
Keep list of the materials on Wiki.
Check with Matt about statewide server.

Next meeting:
ESPD/ESUPDO May 3-4 in North Platte, NE